Ty Cole

5 Wednesday

Tour Time: 12:00pm

Architecture Outfit
Columbus Circle subway station, New York, NY 10023

Turnstyle is a privately-funded retail development that transforms a heavily traversed public passageway in the Metropolitan Transit Authority subway system into a vibrant public space for shopping, eating, and gathering. Extending from West 57th to 58th Street below Eighth Avenue and above the train tunnel, the 365-foot-long mezzanine level concourse connects the Columbus Circle station to multiple sidewalk entries and building lobbies. The project brings a familiar street-level urbanism into the underground space.

The design creates a special experience within the infrastructure under city with new functional elements that intentionally defer to existing infrastructure and reference classic subway features. White paint and warm light highlight the raw structure. Glass transoms allow the vaults to carry through and provide a spacious feel. The metal spine enclosure screens infrastructure with a perforated pattern derived from subway mosaics. Large durable black floor tile are arranged in a Guastavino-inspired herringbone. Custom “light pipes” integrated with existing conduits blur the line between architecture and infrastructure. The small stores lining the concourse have distinct storefronts and sign types providing visual interest at the pedestrian pace. “Hot spots,” where people pause to eat, talk, or shop are highlighted with colorful flooring, kiosks, and tables. Turnstyle opened in April 2016.

Price: $10